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Shree Balaji Netralaya: Leading ICL Surgery Provider in Patna

Welcome to Shree Balaji Netralaya, where we offer advanced Implantable Collamer Lens (ICL) surgery in Patna, a cutting-edge alternative for those who may not be suitable for LASIK eye surgery. This innovative procedure not only enhances your vision but provides high-quality, high-definition results.

What is ICL Surgery?

ICL, or Implantable Collamer Lens, involves placing a specially designed lens in your eye. This lens works much like a contact lens but is placed inside your eye rather than on the surface. Made from a biocompatible material, it sits in front of your eye’s natural lens and is completely invisible to others.
This procedure is particularly beneficial for those with moderate to severe myopia (nearsightedness), thin corneas, or chronic dry eye, offering an alternative to the permanent changes made during LASIK.

How Does ICL Differ from LASIK?

Unlike LASIK, which reshapes your cornea, ICL surgery involves implanting a lens in your eye, enhancing its natural focusing ability. This means there’s no permanent removal of eye tissue, and the process is reversible. If your prescription changes or you’re not fully satisfied with the results, the lens can be replaced or removed.

Who is an Ideal Candidate for ICL?

ICL could be the right choice for you if you:
Before the procedure, we conduct thorough tests including measuring Anterior Chamber Depth and Keratometric readings to ensure you’re a suitable candidate.

Advantages of ICL Surgery at Shree Balaji Netralaya

High-Definition Vision

ICL surgery offers crisp, clear vision, enhancing your quality of life.


Ideal for those with high nearsightedness and thin corneas.

UV Protection

The lens provides additional protection against harmful UV rays.


Unlike LASIK, ICL can be adjusted or removed if needed.

Quick Recovery

Experience improved vision within 24 hours post-surgery.

The Next Generation of Vision Correction

ICL surgery at Shree Balaji Netralaya represents the forefront of vision technology. The procedure is straightforward and quick, typically taking about 8-14 minutes. We may use a laser to create tiny openings in the iris on a preliminary visit, and on the day of surgery, the ICL lens is inserted through a small opening. Anesthesia ensures a comfortable experience.

Why Choose ICL Surgery at Shree Balaji Netralaya?

Superior HD Vision

Achieve excellent vision quality in a short procedure.

Instant Results

Notice significant improvements immediately after the surgery.


No corneal tissue is removed or altered.

Affordable Options:

We offer various financing solutions to make ICL surgery accessible.

For more information on ICL surgery or to book an appointment with our specialists at Shree Balaji Netralaya in Patna, please reach out to us. We are dedicated to providing you with the best eye care solutions tailored to your individual needs.

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