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Motiyabind Operation Cost in Patna: A Comprehensive Guide to Types of Cataract Surgery!

cataract surgery in patna

Cataract Surgery, also recognized as motiyabind surgery, is the most common treatment for cataracts. It has been found that cataracts have become the primary cause of blindness. Our natural lens is transparent and clear, and cataracts are the cloudiness of our original eye lens. Cataracts or motiyabind usually develop over some time and is an age-related ailment. However, other conditions like injuries, diabetes, genetic eye disorders, past eye surgery, etc., are also responsible for causing cataracts. 

If you wonder what is the motiyabind operation cost in Patna, it depends on many factors. These can be the kind of surgery, type of lens and technology used, location, etc. It also relies on the cause of the cataract and whether treatment is required for one or both eyes.

Now, if you have been searching for the eye hospital for the best motiyabind operation in Patna and seeking the most effective treatment, look no further than Shree Balaji Netralaya! 

Cataract Surgery in Patna: Let us Understand More!

As we mentioned, cataract surgery is also called the motiyabind operation. This surgical procedure is the best and most effective treatment for the cataract. This procedure replaces the natural clouded eye lens with the artificial lens. This effective treatment frees the patient from cataracts and enhances the overall quality of vision. 

The eye surgeon or the ophthalmologist performs this surgery by following all the safety precautions and guidelines. However, this operation is widespread and is usually safe. The motiyabind operation cost in Bihar varies depending on the location and the hospital selection. However, at Shree Balaji Netralaya, this surgery is performed cost-effectively and with all the safety precautions. 

Signs and Symptoms That There is a Need of Cataract Surgery 

Many signs and symptoms indicate a crucial need for the best motiyabind operation in Patna. Thus, connecting with the eye specialist is highly suggested when facing the following signs and symptoms: 

  • Fading of Colors 
  • Blurry and Cloudy Vision
  • Difficulty to See in the Bright Light 
  • Difficulty Performing Daily Tasks 
  • Double Vision or Multiple Vision
  • Affected Hand-Eye Coordination 
  • Difficulty while reading, driving, and recognizing faces 

Types of Cataract Surgery 

Many types of motiyabind surgery techniques are available, and the individual should choose the best motiyabind operation in Patna after consulting with the eye surgeon. 

1. Phacoemulsification: This type of cataract surgery is very common, and it takes less than thirty minutes to complete the entire procedure. It is a small incision motiyabind operation, and no bandages, stitches, or injections are used. It is performed using the minimum sedation and ultrasonic probe, and a small incision up to 3 mm is made. The clouded lens is broken into fragments using sound waves; after these fragments are removed, the Intraocular lens is planted. This operation is performed under eye drops or topical anesthesia to numb the eye. However, in children or uncooperative patients, general anesthesia is provided, which has its risks. 

2. Femto Cataract Surgery: It is the most advanced technique and best motiyabind operation in Patna. Advanced laser technology is utilized for lens fragmentation. It differs from traditional methods and provides the best and greater accuracy. Also, it involves fewer manual techniques and faster recovery. 

3. Extracapsular Cataract Surgery: When a cataract is not treated using the Phacoemulsification technique, it indicates a complex cataract. Here comes the need for Extracapsular Cataract Surgery. It is an older technique and is used only in some instances. More extensive incisions are made during this cataract surgery, and the cataract is not removed in fragments but as a single piece. Sutures are also required to seal the wound, and the patient is prescribed eye patches post-surgery. 

4. Small Incision Cataract Surgery (SICS): The SICS is the modern and advanced version of the ECCE (Extracapsular Cataract Extraction) procedure and is the other best motiyabind operation in Patna to remove the cataract. 

5. Microincision Cataract Surgery (MICS): Microincision Cataract Surgery treats cataract patients with dense or small cataracts. It is a faster procedure and is completed in around or less than ten minutes. A tiny incision made that is up to 1.8 mm indicates that there is less stress and trauma from undergoing surgery. It also offers the shorter recovery time. 

A Brief Overview of Types of Cataract Lenses (IOLs) 

Artificial Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) are surgically placed in the eye instead of the natural clouded lens. These tiny optical pieces help cataract patients be free from cataracts, improve vision, and enhance their quality of life. 

Many IOLs affect the motiyabind operation cost in Patna, a brief overview of which is given below:

1. Monofocal IOLs: These are the most commonly used and traditional IOLs in cataract surgery. These lenses provide clear vision for up to a certain distance, and for close-up tasks, patients need to wear spectacles or other corrective measures. It means the patients can see at a distance, but there is a need for eyeglasses for near tasks like reading, putting thread in a needle, cooking, etc. These IOLs are considered the most cost-effective and thus determine the motiyabind operation cost in Bihar. 

2. Multifocal IOLs: As the name suggests, multifocal lenses provide many focal points within the single lens. After the surgery, these lenses eliminate the need for spectacles and allow the individual to see clearly at different distances. These IOLs are also valuable in treating the condition known as presbyopia, thus providing improved vision and quality of life. 

3. Trifocal IOLs: Trifocal lenses are the type of multifocal lenses that provide vision at every distance, including near, intermediate, and distant. With these lenses, the patient may not need the spectacles post-surgery. 

4. Toric IOLs: These lenses can be available either as Monofocal IOLs or Multifocal IOLs. Also, the Toric IOLs are more expensive than their standard categories, thus, determining the motiyabind operation cost in Patna. 

5. Custom and Enhanced IOLs: These lenses are created to meet the patients’ specific and unique vision needs or distinguished anatomical considerations. These lenses can be personalized and can be amalgamated with other advanced technologies. These tailor-made lenses are designed to offer superior outcomes and provide better vision quality. 

Enhance Vision and Quality of Life with Best Motiyabind Operation in Patna

Suppose cataract patients have sought the best motiyabind operation in Patna, where compassion, safety, and quality blend; trust Shree Balaji Netralaya!

Working under the leadership of Dr. Shashi Mohanka, the eye care specialists’ team has been offering exceptional eye care. Consult the specialists today, improve your vision, and take steps toward a better quality of life! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Eye Surgery in Patna

Q1. What are the factors to consider when choosing an IOL for cataract surgery? 
A1. Careful and thoughtful consideration of many factors is required when choosing an IOL for cataract surgery. These factors are – budget, visual needs, existing refractive errors, any pre-existing condition, lifestyle, and advice from the eye care specialist. 

Q2. How do you select the best IOL for specific vision needs?
A2. It’s always best to consult the eye care specialist and follow their advice. They will analyze the patient’s specific vision needs and any pre-existing conditions, discuss the risk factors and requirements, and help the patient choose the best IOL. 

Q3. Is Cataract Surgery safe? 
Cataract surgery or motiyabind operation is safe and the most common procedure. It offers a high success rate and supports improving the quality of vision and life. However, selecting the reputed eye hospital with the best motiyabind operation in Patna is always good. The eye specialist will inform the patients about the risk factors before surgery. 

Q4. How do cataracts develop? 
Cataracts develop as you get older. However, many other factors may lead to this eye condition. These factors are – diabetes, any other pre-existing condition, genetic history, prolonged exposure to sunlight, etc. Thus, there is a need to perform consistent eye checkups by consulting an eye care specialist. 

Q5. What are the factors that determine the cost of motiyabind operation in India? 
Numerous factors determine the cost of cataract surgery in India. These factors are the type of surgical procedure, the surgeon’s experience, the hospital’s location and size, the technology used, types of artificial intraocular lenses, and aftercare. 

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