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The eyes are a significant part of our body. Healthy eyes are crucial for our overall well-being. People depend on their eyes to see the world around them. However, some eye diseases lead to vision loss and can affect the health of the eyes. It is good to treat them and get them checked with a consultation from the best eye specialist in Patna. Many eye doctors are in Patna, but choosing one based on their profound experience, expertise, and qualifications is essential. 

Dr. Shashi Mohanka is a well-known and reputed name when looking for the top 5 eye specialists in Patna. On 10th July 2016, he founded the Shree Balaji Netralaya, which is not just an eye hospital but a ray of hope in the lives of many people. This eye hospital is a hub of advanced and modern eye care with the amalgamation of compassion, care, and expertise.  

Now, let us put some details about the esteemed doctor here so that you may get the best eye consultation and care.  

Meet Dr. Shashi Mohanka 

Dr Shashi Mohanka is counted among the best eye specialists in Patna. He has profound experience and expertise in treating the eyes of many people. He has held esteemed positions in many leading hospitals.  

After having served as the Ex-Chief Surgeon at Vasan Eye Care Hospital, Salem (T.N), Ex-Resident at Dr Agrawal Eye Hospital, Chennai, Ex-Medical Director, Bilas Netralaya, Patna and Phaco Trainer for Oertli Phaco System, Switzerland; he has been now working as the Founder and Director of Shree Balaji Netralaya, Patna.  

Dr Mohanka has performed over 60,000 cataract surgeries, 300 + Glaucoma Surgeries, 1000 + anti-VEGF injections, over 5000 Retinal Lasers, over 1000 ROP Screenings, and over 10,000 Diabetic Retinopathy Screenings. 

Dr. Shashi Mohanka Qualifications  

Dr Shashi Mohanka qualified from Magadh University in 1998 for an MBBS. Then, in 2001, he again qualified for an MBBS from Patna University. His other qualifications are – a DNB (Primary) in 2002 from Dr Agrawal’s Eye Hospital, Chennai, and a FERC (Fellowship) from Eye Research Center in 2005.  

The “FIRSTS” Accredited on Dr Shashi Mohanka’s Name  

Dr Shashi Mohanka, counted among the top eye specialists in Patna, is renowned for many successful inventions, experiments, and innovations in the domain of cataract treatments. He has been acclaimed as the first surgeon in Southeast Asia to pioneer the use of a 2.2 mm pre-loaded Toric Lens. When it comes to 2.2 mm and 1.6 mm incision cataract surgery, he is Bihar’s first surgeon to have performed it.  

He launched CD for the PHACO-training module in Bihar, and he has trained many eye doctors in this complex and intricate type of training.  

Dr Shashi Mohanka, one of the best eye specialists in Patna, has also got the distinction of replacing the Indian Toric Lens, 2.2mm mono-lens (pre-loaded), and multi-focal lens (+2.5 mm) first in the all-around East-India region.  

Services Offered with Compassion, Care and Expertise  

Dr. Shashi Mohanka believes in offering his services with compassion, care, and expertise. He is recognized by many charitable and social institutions, and organizations for his free services in the domain of eye-care, and his experience in the field.  

He has treated more than 8500 people with cataract problems. Dr. Shashi Mohanka, counted among the top eye specialists in Patna, has also been felicitated for his incredible efforts in the niche of eye care.  His society honours are – “Samaj Gaurav,” “Samaj Ratna,” “Samaj Bibhuti,” and “Dhanvantri Samman.”  

Lifetime Member  

Dr Shashi Mohanka is known not only for his incredible efforts and work toward society but also for his recognition and felicitations. He is a Lifetime Member of the following:  


Publications and Research  

Dr Shashi Mohanka’s contributions are vast, and he has also been invited as the Guest Speaker to put his thoughts forward.  


  • Phaco in Small Pupil – Bihar Journal, 2011 
  • Article Published in Hindi News Paper 
  • Launch DVD Surgical Video of Phaco A to Z for EYE Surgeon 

Dr Shashi Mohanka – A Ray of Hope in Eye-Care  

With his vast surgical experience and lots of felicitations, Dr Shashi Mohanka is one of the best eye specialists in Patna. He has not only treated many people but also made them live a healthy, happy life. If you want to get the right eye care in Patna, look no further than Dr Shashi Mohanka at Shree Balaji Netralaya!  

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